The Voice

Ricola supports every voice - also at The Voice of Switzerland. Together with Anna Rossinelli, we celebrate the diversity of voices in Switzerland, which are sometimes not quite inaudible.

  • Client


  • Services

    Concept, Casting, Location Scouting, Production, Color Grading, Post-Production, Sound

  • Concept

    Andreas von Muralt & Yves De Prà

  • Director

    Yves De Prà

  • Producer

    Andreas von Muralt

  • Camera

    Lukas Graf

  • Production Assistance

    Tanja Sahli

  • 1. AC

    Ian Oggenfuss

  • Hair & Makeup

    Linda Amacher

  • Set Design

    Julia Herzog

  • Light

    Nino Michel

  • Sound

    Oliver Rogers

  • Cut

    Yves De Prà

  • Color Grading

    Nino Michel