Ellas – Different Pace

“We got in at the same place – though soul mates – didnt manage to find the same pace – to find a new road, i have to get rid of the past – but no matter what – something will always last – in my backpack of memories.” -Yves De Pra  

  • Cast

    Seraphina Schweiger

  • Cast

    Fayrouz Gabriel

  • Leistungen

    Konzept, Casting, Location Scouting, Produktion, Post-Produktion, Color Grading, Sound, Distribution

  • Regie

    Yves De Pra

  • Drehbuch

    Yves De Pra

  • Kamera

    Rafael Kistler

  • 1st AC / Focus Puller

    Magnus Langset

  • Art Director

    Lea Nussbaum

  • Ausstattung

    Leila Bieler

  • Grafik

    Julia Herzog

  • Color Grading

    Ramon Königshausen