Ivory Coast

"The Ivory Coast is the world's largest producer of cocoa. But life on the plantations is hard and demanding, and many young people are turning away from production. With Carma and Confiserie Bachmann, we visited the country, had the chance to meet fantastic people and were able to capture unique impressions." - Yves De Prà, Director

  • Client

    Stiftung Bachmann

  • Services

    Concept, Production, Color Grading, Post-Production, VFX & 3D, Sound

  • Concept & Idea

    Yves De Prà

  • Director

    Yves De Prà

  • Camera

    Rafael Kistler

  • Sound

    Olivia Rudolph

  • Cut

    Yves De Prà

  • Sound

    Corsin Bader

  • VFX & 3D

    Robin Disch

  • Color Grading

    Fabio Tozzo