Zhdk BA of Contemporary Dance

"Who can most credibly tell what it's like to study dance at ZhdK? The students themselves. To make the narrative as intimate and authentic as possible, I did the interviews by phone and recorded the audio directly, really oldschool." Yves De Pra, Director

  • Client

    Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

  • Services

    Strategy, Concept, Location Scouting, Production, Post-Production, Color Grading, VFX & 3D, Sound, Distribution

  • Concept & Idea

    Yves De Prà

  • Director

    Yves De Prà

  • Camera

    Rafael Kistler

  • Sound

    Jan-Ole Sünderhauf

  • VFX & 3D

    Yves De Prà

  • Color Grading

    Ramon Königshausen